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Workforce Planning Template

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This year will be a revolutionizing time for HR professionals.

Several societal and economic factors will become disruptors in the industry, causing a great need to restructure HR strategy and policy. 

This will ultimately lead to Workforce Planning as a way to prepare for the disruption paced to continue for several years.

Our Workforce Planning template provides support in the following areas:
-Instruction on how to conduct a high level workforce planning survey
-Instruction for managers on how to conduct skills analysis for their employees
-Template for a high level overview of your employee's skill levels
-Template for a department breakdown of strengths & opportunities based on skills
-Template for a skills assessment of individual employees
-Hypothetical examples of assessment

The template download provides not only structure for HR to perform workforce planning surveys and create strategies, but also examples so as to guide the drafters of the survey and managers assessing individual skills of employees.