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Decision Maker's Guide to Outsourcing

Receive our specialized guide on outsourcing:

If your business is considering outsourcing as an option, there are some questions you need to review beforehand. What are the pros and cons of outsourcing, how do I outsource, and if I do, how do I hire the right person or firm?

Our Decision Maker’s Guide to Outsourcing was created to help your company address these concerns so you can feel confident moving forward with the right outsourcing firm for you.

Decision Maker's Guide to Outsourcing
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“Outsourcing is a great way for businesses to save time and money by contracting out work to third-parties to help your business meet its goals.” – Careerminds

This guide will help you with:

  • The pros and cons of outsourcing
  • research questions to ask candidates
  • outsourcing evaluation forms
  • the outsourcing transition framework

Download your FREE guide to learn how to effectively use outsourcing as a strategic tool for your business.



John testimonial
"Careerminds services are based on the level of the employee and intensity of the need for services and the pricing model reflects this. We lost employees from entry level all the way to senior executive and Careerminds took care of them all."

– John
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jane testimonial
"While outplacement tends to be a sensitive topic, we have received positive feedback from our associates and feel that the Careerminds programs and services align well with our company values! I highly recommend Careerminds services!"

– Jane
Seattle, Washington

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