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Get prepared for your upcoming layoff with our script!


[Limited Time Offer]

Let us help you figure out what to say.

Downsizing, layoffs, and reductions in force (RIFs) are tough for everyone involved. Being prepared is so important. There’s a lot on the line here. Our script is a quick and easy tool that you can use to prepare for layoffs.

Our simple script has 5 easy to follow steps for these notification meetings! It also delves into the structure of the meeting, and the supporting explanations and details you should provide an employee getting notified.

The script includes:

  • Explanation of who should be giving the notification
  • How to be empathetic towards employees going through this process
  • What information to review in person, such as a severance agreement, outplacement services, 401K information
  • How to end the conversation and see the employee out of the facility
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