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HR Breakfast Seminar:

The Impact of Employee Fulfillment on Organizational Performance

Thursday 18th October 2018     7:30 AM to 11:00 AM (EST) 

The Franklin Room in the Pyramid Club, 1735 Market St., Philadelphia PA 19103

Join your human resources peers to discuss the role of organizations in employee fulfillment led by Bill Schiemann, author of Fulfilled! Critical Choices: Work, Home and Life. Laptop Work-10.jpg

Breakfast will be provided for all attendees, as well as a copy of Dr. Schiemann's book. (Breakfast and networking will take place from 7:30-9, program will start at 9. Your registration will allow for two entrances into the event.)

Finding, optimizing, and keeping the right talent, and managing increasingly diverse multi-generational workforces are among critical challenges facing business leaders today. These challenges were identified by 73 global thought leaders in the Rise of HR project (Ulrich, Schiemann and Sartain), as well as in the Future of HR CHREATE project led by Boudreau and Ziskin.

Dr. Schiemann will provide an in-depth look at fulfillment and its connection to engagement, productivity, and retention to provide insights on these issues.  

HR professionals are in a key role as catalysts in nourishing rich diverse, innovative, high performance cultures.  But that is unlikely to happen unless they understand the role of fulfillment in their own and their employees’ lives.


  • Schiemann provides an overview of key insights from his research, including the connection of fulfillment to organizational success, the ‘science’ of fulfillment (five key ingredients to fulfillment), and the ‘art’ of fulfillment (street smarts from those who are most fulfilled)
  • Key implications for leader development, optimizing performance and retention of high performing employees—what might we do differently in performance management, employee engagement, and employee fulfillment?




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William Schiemann

Bill Schiemann is Principal and CEO of Metrus Group, focusing on breakthrough business performance.  Known for the pioneering People Equity framework for diagnosing and improving organizational performance, Dr. Schiemann and his firm specialize in strategic employee surveys, scorecards, employee engagement/fulfillment, employer branding, and building winning cultures.  

Dr. Schiemann has consulted and spoken extensively with scores of organizations across the globe, has written hundreds of articles in both academic and business journals, and has authored eight books, including his most recent book, Fulfilled! Critical Choices: Work, Home, Life.  

He was formerly on the faculties of the University of Iowa and Georgia Tech, has served on multiple boards, and was named a Fellow and Scholar by the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 

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Raymond Lee

Raymond is the CEO at Careerminds, a technology enabled outplacement and retirement coaching company launched in 2008. He has over 18 years of human resource, outplacement, and career consulting experience, and he’s also a certified retirement coach.

Raymond pioneered the concept of virtual outplacement after years of delivering traditional outplacement in a variety of HR roles, and saw a huge opportunity to align career transition programs with the way people were actually looking for jobs. When Raymond started the company, he had one goal in mind: to create forward thinking transition programs that reduced employee stress. This included developing robust software to personalize the transition experience for all levels of the organization, and hiring expert consultants to support participants every step of the way.

Raymond holds his bachelors in psychology and a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Louisiana Tech University. He sits on the Careerminds Board of Directors, is the President of the Philadelphia Society of People and Strategy, and is an active speaker and contributor to HRPS & SHRM. Raymond’s been featured on SiriusXM 111 Business Radio, Wall Street Journal and Fox Business News.



Marisa Harris

Marisa is a certified Master Life & Health Coach. She has made it her life work to empower individuals and organizations through the application of success principles and strategies to their most important life and business goals.  During her 20 years of corporate leadership, she led cutting edge business breakthroughs at Celanese Corporation, Citicorp, and CIT. Marisa is known for her pioneering work with the Balanced Scorecard – both with an underperforming company which became #1 in its industry, and then with its application to her diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Her cancer success story has been featured in numerous publications and on TV. She is a frequent speaker, workshop leader, and coach in the business, medical and educational arenas.

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