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Outplacement Benchmarks for Executives

When shopping for an outplacement provider, it can be incredibly helpful to understand what your potential provider’s benchmarks are for various industries and positions. Benchmarks help you establish the overall success rate the provider has when helping your departing staff members transition into a new role. 

There are three major benchmarks to specifically look out for: landing rate (what percentage of participants go through the program and land a new role), engagement rate (how many of your displaced staff members sign up to continue the outplacement process after the program is presented to them), and satisfaction rate (how happy participants and clients are with their service). 

Careerminds’ outplacement service offers until placement, which means that we will never abandon participants midway through their transition. Because of this, our landing rate is incredibly high - nearly 100 percent. Of course, participants may change their minds and decide to halt their job search and stop receiving outplacement for other reasons, too. However, if a participant is still in the job hunt, we work with them every step of the way ensuring they will never go it alone. Typically, our participants land a new role in about 12 weeks on average.

For this reason (and many others), we happily have a 99 percent satisfaction rate. Careerminds is a true partner for all of our clients and participants. We not only help participants find new roles but we also work with HR and managers to understand how to hold reduction events from start to finish, enabling them to keep their employer brand intact while making tough choices. 

Finally, Careerminds has an 80 percent or above engagement rate with a typical first engagement happening within 24 hours of receiving the participant list, meaning that we get your staff members quickly onboarded to receive their outplacement support as soon as your organization is ready for us to get to work! 

All of this added together leads to a holistic, people-first approach to outplacement that meets the needs of the client and participant no matter what they are. 

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Why go with Careerminds?

Unlimited, 1:1 Support

We offer proactive, personalized, and accessible until-landing support. Participants never face time limits and their dedicated career coach is by their side for their entire transition.

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Global, Virtual Delivery

Our programs are delivered globally with consistency, resulting in a high touch and high tech blended approach. And we’re experts on customs and regulations, no matter where your employees are.

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A True Partnership

We aren’t just an outplacement provider - we’re your partner. With Careerminds, your HR department gains insights into valuable KPIs, data rich analytics, dashboards, best practices, benchmarking, and more.

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The data doesn't lie.

Companies that partner with Careerminds experience:


participant satisfaction rating


better Glassdoor reviews


costs saved on average

12 Weeks

on average landing

What’s the real difference?

Support Unlimited, one-on-one coaching, until landing - customized, proactive support Limited, duration-based coaching - high coach to participant ratios
Resumes We write high-value, keyword-optimized resumes to get participants market-ready faster Resume writing falls on participants with reactive feedback
Capability Contemporary Global Virtual Model - one firm firm with consistent delivery Outdated, expensive model - brick and mortar footprint with low-touch services
Reporting Analytics to measure results - accountable for better results and cost savings Lack of transparency - inconsistent reporting on impact and results
Partnership True business partner - relationship built on trust and focused on results Transactional vendor - reactive and inflexible with frequent issues in reporting and engagement
Services Solutions for all levels - robust programs for individuals through executives Solutions for some levels - cookie-cutter programs for select functions and levels

Our people care
about your people.

Your people deserve the best support.

“Having to say goodbye to a teammate is never easy. Helping to support their transition is important to us. We chose Careerminds because of their commitment to our people until landing. We also appreciate the virtual component to be able to offer access to services no matter where they are located. This is critical for a geographically dispersed, diversified organization.”

—Erica Freedman, Vice President of Talent & Organizational Development at Day & Zimmerman