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Best Practices to Implementing a Virtual Layoff

Thursday, April 9, at 2 PM EST

Covid-19 is redefining future HR practices for businesses large and small, particularly those who must make tough decisions to manage costs that require employee reductions.

HR professionals across the world are being forced to deliver layoff and RIF notifications in a remote and stressful environment.

Companies are unfortunately already making headlines with nightmare stories on how employees are being notified, which is having a direct impact on their brand and culture.

To help these companies, we have created a new webinar that will outline the best practices HR leaders and managers should follow while implementing a virtual reduction in force.

We strongly encourage you to attend this session if you’re faced with upcoming layoffs and have to deliver them virtually.

This webinar will include the following:

  • Learn the best practices for communicating a Virtual Layoff
  • Learn how to use a video conferencing tool effectively to conduct a layoff notification meeting
  • Learn how to coordinate RIF logistics so that people are treated with dignity and respect
  • Learn how to coordinate outplacement services appropriately
  • Facilitate a Q&A session to address your questions